• MENTORING – a custom, individually agreed method of encouraging and supporting an author to finally get that long-slaved-upon book finished. From mere ‘idea’ stage to ‘partially written’;

  • DEVELOPMENTAL COACHING - in the most sought-upon component areas of a fiction novel writing: character development, plot, flow, suspense, dialogue and the dreaded ‘show versus tell’;

  • EDITOR’S REPORT - which involves pointing out the weak areas in one’s writing, and the steps necessary in order to improve the manuscript to publishing level;

  • GHOSTWRITING - I have become aware of this acute need only lately, and whilst I cannot claim to have a great deal of experience in this particular area, I have written books in three different fiction genres (browse my pages for samples), I have collaborated with other authors in producing novel-length books, I have taught English as a foreign language, I have received an award for Excellent Client Service (and spent a delightful week in Tuscany courtesy of my employer for my efforts), and I am flexible, used to dealing with people from all over the world, of different cultures, and speaking different languages;

  • EDITING - line, content and proof.
Option A – your book is in its incipient form, more an idea than a manuscript. You have some thoughts on where you’d like the story to lead, or what you might want to show, but are unsure on where to start and how to develop your plot. Our aim will be to create a plot development plan, with guidance points. You will still be writing your book, because this is what you want to do. Flat fee: US$200.

Option B – you have started writing your manuscript and are quite a way through, but you’ve hit an impasse. You would love to be able to discuss the various options available, how to take the story forward, what would be the best way to develop your characters and what would make a satisfactory ending. Our aim will be to achieve optimal development of a novel during an initial assessment and brainstorming sitting, followed by twelve weekly guidance and monitoring sessions. I offer an option to extend these sessions on a week-by-week basis, and also flexibility, to allow for holidays, illness, family events, etc. Flat fee: US$360. Additional weeks: US$25/session.

It is likely we shall need to get in touch via phone or Skype if emails are not enough.
Warning: I know the symptoms of a procrastinator inside-out.

Individually tailored, six-week one-to-one sessions formulated to suit your specific needs after an initial consultation to devise the required content. I will need to see a sample of what you consider your ‘best’ writing and one of the area you would most like to improve. Includes exercises and discussion on progress and development of your skills. Flat fee: US$350.

Much dreaded by most authors, synopses and blurbs can hook a reader or an agent and sell a novel. There’s nothing more off-putting than a blurb that proves an author’s inability to describe their novel in a few lines. Flat fee: US$100 for manuscripts I’ve been involved with; US$500 for previously unseen material.

Manuscript assessment with a view to finding the weak spots of a completed project. I will produce a report outlining the areas requiring attention and the steps necessary to attain a top-quality novel. Flat fee: US$200.

This simply means I will write that book for you.
After an initial discussion on the idea, genre, style and expected length, I will need to study all the material you can provide to me (letters, video footage, diaries, etc) in order to produce a plan of action, which will require your absolute minimum involvement. I do not require to see my name anywhere in your book, though a small nod in the acknowledgements would be nice. You will take all the credit. My service will be fully confidential, as will be specified in our contract. The fee will be payable on achieving certain ‘checkpoints’, with the last portion payable on completion. As I am an experienced writer who does a lot of editing work, you can be assured of the utmost quality as regards writing style, grammar and punctuation. I take pride in my work and can provide references from other authors. Samples of my writing can be found by browsing this site, or I could send you a document as an email attachment, if you prefer. Flat fee: US$250/1000 words.

Option A – basic copy-edit and proofreading, which involves looking for typos, punctuation errors, and simple grammar mistakes. Flat fee: US$300, with 20% discount offered to customers who have purchased other services for the same title.

Option B – full manuscript editing – from the smallest issue to the most complex. Starting from spelling and punctuation (please specify whether UK or US), structure of sentences, subject-verb agreement, correct tense and word usage, order of words within the sentence, structure of paragraphs within the chapter, logic of chapters within the overall manuscript. Moving on to consistency of plot and overall readability, including clarity of thought, voice, believability, fact checking, secondary plots and relaxed, naturally flowing dialogue. And finally, looking at character voice and personality, authenticity and point of view and assistance with developing characters and plot where required. Studying human nature is a personal favourite of mine; I dedicate a lot of my time to observing and attempting to understand people. Flat rates: US$400 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words; US$600 for manuscripts over 80,000 words. Again I offer a 20% discount to customers who have purchased other services for the same title.
As you know, my author list is closed for 2012, with almost every day booked and accounted for. If you have a project you’d like my help with, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email (ellamedler@gmail.com) or by leaving a comment here, if you prefer, or on twitter, or Facebook. If you search my name, you’re bound to find me.

In an effort to keep some semblance of order in my schedule, here is my calendar for the next few months. The full colour is a definite known job, and the paler colour – a tentative job ‘pencilled in’, but expected. If you have expressed an interest in my services, you’ll be in there, somewhere. Email me to check (ellamedler@gmail.com). You know who you are.


I would never, ever publish a book ever again without having it checked by an editor. And my editor of choice is Ella Medler! Ella is highly professional,  straightforward (tough love) and will tell you exactly how it is. And trust me, it is far better for an editor to tell you the way it is and give you the opportunity to fix any problems you may have, than have a reader give you a bad review.  Patti Roberts 

Ella did a fantastic job on the edits she did for Foundling Wizard. There was one section that every beta reader pointed out, but no one could say what was off. She picked up on it quickly and provided some good pointers on how to strengthen it. We worked together to pick up a few changes that really improved the whole story. She did a super job and I’m really pleased with the finished product. James Eggebeen

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Ella Medler - Published fiction novelist and playwright.


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