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I also do ebook formatting for Amazon and Smashwords; which includes uploading to Barnes & Noble, Diesel, Apple, Kobo & others. And paperback versions via Createspace.


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Witchwood Estate - bk 2 
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Testimonial from June Bourgo - Patti designed two covers for me, Winter's Captive and Chasing Georgia, as well as one for my husband, Cash Boat, and one for my granddaughter, Little Book of Dogs. She is a phenominal designer who works with you. Patti gets what you are looking for and incorporates it beautifully in your cover. A fast, efficient cover designer, I will be back soon for my third cover.

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Sleep Little Pigeon
When Hayato finally convinces his parents to let him visit his grandmother in Japan, he has no idea of the danger that awaits him. He stops to see the beautiful Mt. Fuji and the locals warn him against going into the Sea of Trees, for there are demons in the forest. Will Hayato heed their warnings or will he enter the suicide forest and become one of its victims?

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Book 1 in The Harvey Witches (prequel to Witchwood Estate) 2013

Cary Barner-Nelson

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Thom Locke Thanks Patti! What a wonderful experience it has been working with you. The first of many (-:

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Peter Bryant dreamed of writing the next In Cold Blood. So, when he learned of an unsolved murder in the town of his alma mater, he takes a sabbatical to investigate. 
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 New Series coming soon!

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 Ya Fantasy - coming soon!
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What do you do when the one you trust can no longer be trusted? Where do you turn when the one you gave your heart to, your body, your blood, the murky depths of your soul, defies mortality's rules? What do you do...YOU RUN!

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 Eden Langlands

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 Ronald Dahle - A Tracy Nebil Thriller
New Release - coming soon.

 For - John Hovey - Gamer, Project Manager, Reader, Game Designer, Editor and Writer for Old Guard Publishing. Facebook

New Release By Ronald Dahle - Coming soon to Amazon


Don't You Remember - a romance novel by Jane Davis.  Available soon.

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"Grey Death" by Ronald Dahle
Book 2 in the Churning Cauldron Series

Available soon - Keep your eye out for the book trailer! 
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"Forbidden Touch" By Kristie Haigwood - available soon in paperback and ebook.

 Kristie Drennin Haigwood
The cover is completed! I am sooo happy with it. Patti Roberts is a genius at designing covers. The book trailer is coming soon & the book will be available in print and ebook next month! Soooo excited for you to meet Mitch and Ciera.

Modern Mum By Lana Davison

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Thank you so much Patti, for creating such a fantastic book cover, banner and poster. Your Book Cover Service is truly amazing. I was searching for a great picture for my book but couldn’t find one that suited my angel story. I decided to check out your website because you produce the most wonderful book covers. But not in my wildest dreams did I expect the cover to portray my story so accurately. When I first saw your angel cover on your website, I knew he was the angel for Ominous Love. And you were so obliging when I asked if you could add the teenage couple, but I didn’t expect the cover to look that good. Then you made it even better my adding the beach and the ominous clouds which portrayed my story perfectly. I’m absolutely thrilled. Plus I didn’t expect the poster and banner too. Wonderful. I had a blast today, Pattie. It felt like it was my birthday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. heart heart heartPatricia Puddle.

I’ve asked a lot of authors about their book covers and some of them, such as Patti Roberts, are able to design brilliant book covers themselves (take a look at her great covers for the ‘Paradox’ series). Other authors, such as KE Saxon, ask someone else to design their covers...More   Katheryn Lane. Author

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  1. I was thrilled with this service, not only did I get personal attention- I felt like Paradox book Trailer productions realy cared about my book like it was a child and wanted the best for it. I can highly recommend this service, you will not be disapointed- I know I will be using them exclusively from now on.

  2. I will design book cover, layout, e-book or print book.

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