Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Just in time for Christmas - New releases by Kendra Hale

OUT SOON! Wishing Upon a Christmas Star.

OUT NOW - MING, MURDER AND MATCHMAKING — available in the Box Set for 99c http://amzn.to/2gfVEDb

OUT SOON! My Darling Dolly

OUT NOW - Circle of Protection available in the Box Set for 99c http://amzn.to/2gbQYwa

Hi, I'm Kendra Hale... 

I lived in Canada as well as for a few years in the USA, during my teens and 20's. For the rest, it has been the UK and the European Continent. 

My love of the UK shines through in my books... The Snow Crystals, which is the first of a series of about 3 (perhaps 4...) books. And Vengeful Legal Deal, Book 1 of the Belgravia Antiques Mystery series. The next two books, to be released soon, of course, take place in the UK... Bath in Somerset, the Scottish Highlands, as well as fictional villages and towns in the Cotswolds, and the West Country. I lived in the West Country and totally love it! 

I will be revealing more details plus the lovely cover of the next book very, very soon... it's a romantic suspense. Followed by a suspenseful paranormal story...

Since some 25/26yrs I've been submerged in the antiques/collectibles/vintage/etc business. This love and the experience gathered across the many years finds its way back into my books. For believe you me, the world of antiques is a kaleidoscope of colour... and not least the many interesting folks, and oftener than not they're are the most delightfully delicious eccentrics.

The genres I write in, depend on my mood... I am a mood driven person. It could be romance... suspense... paranormal... mystery... or a psychological suspense/thriller... There's lots in the pipeline.

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