Sunday, August 7, 2016


Peaceful Worlds Game Over: God has Children Elsewhere (Self-Help Books: Spiritual Growth, Personal Growth, Inspirational, Motivational, Happiness Book 4) BY Brian Michael Good

The human race is on the cusp of either taking more strategic steps towards a more Peaceful World or Game Over — Armageddon. Ask yourself this… What would you do if you knew the end was near? The future can only be changed in the present.

Free will, a human’s greatest gift after life itself comes with a price. God will not save you. The human race (women) must save themselves. You may be the missing link that is the difference between a Peaceful Word and World War III. What are you waiting for? The clocks ticking... Oh... It’s a nuclear clock.

What I have learned from thinking outside the box can give you a new perspective on how the human consciousness may evolve spiritually and intellectually. I will offer concepts that will require strategic actions that may promote a safer more Peaceful World.

“Do you believe because you understand, or do you understand because you believe?” — Brian Michael Good

Rather than listening to a person with a louder voice, empower yourself by listening to your inner voice. Take action by getting yourself a copy of one of Brian’s four motivational and inspirational books. You will be so grateful you did!

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