Saturday, May 12, 2012

You’ve written a book - What now

Are you an author? Yes? Good. You are not alone!

You’ve written a book and it’s an absolute winner.
But that little nagging voice at the back of your mind keeps whispering unnerving things to you. Like: are you sure of your grammar and punctuation? Is your manuscript free of typos and those silly words that spellcheckers cannot correct for you? Is the story engaging enough and flowing without hiccups? Are the characters likeable? Do you need a gentle helping hand?

What about covers? Have you given any thought to what you would see this winning story sheathed in – be it on Amazon or your local store’s shelves? What sells best in your genre? 

Did you know colour matters? Or what fonts would best express your book’s message and catch your readers’ eyes?

What about formatting? What works for kindle would not work for a paperback, for example.

And afterwards, once the book is ready to make you money? What marketing tools would you use to make it stand out from the rest? There are millions of books out there, sitting pretty, waiting to be picked up by the passing crowd. Did you know people process images better than words alone?  And how are you going to get reviews?

Just as the publishing process morphed and shifted into self or independent publishing, so have the number of organisations ready to support this fledgling. There are brilliant cover artists, providing a huge range of services. They could help you design everything from cover art to merchandise you could offer your readers as prizes. 

And formatting – no matter how clear you think KDP, Smashwords, Draft2Digital and Createspace instructions are, you will be grateful for some help at about the same point as you discover there is no more hair on your head to pull out.

Well, at Paradox Book Cover Designs, we have pulled together enough knowledge to help you through the mire. Take a peek. Browse through sample covers and then get in contact.

Some will say my rates are too low to be of professional quality. Just like paperbacks must be better than their electronic counterparts. Or the traditionally published authors more talented than the self-published ones.

You won’t be locked into a deal you can't afford with me. Ask about my easy payment plans and bundles. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Being a self published indie author of 6 published print books and counting, I have the experience that will make your journey into the world of publishing and promoting a lot less stressful. And at a cost that WONT break the bank - And that is a promise! Patti Roberts.

What size cover? The most popular sizes for print covers are 5x8 and 6x9. If you have a smaller word count, I would suggest the 5x8 cover for your book, giving you a decent spine for your title and author name. I also suggest using Times New Roman 12pt with 1.5 spacing, for most novels that are on the smaller word count size.

Createspace gives you 2 options for your print book, Gloss or Matte.

Table of contents in the front on the book, print or ebook, is optional. Many authors choose not to use (TOC) a table of contents at all. The choice is yours. Have a look inside some of your favorite print books for ideas.

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  1. I had put off having a book trailer made because I wasn't sure what to do or what was involved. When I heard Patti was doing so, I knew then I wanted her to make my first book trailer. After all, what better person is there to make an author's trailer than a fellow author who understands the importance of displaying the best of your book in the shortest time! Thank you, Patti! Everyone likes what you've done with "Solomon's Men." I do too!

    1. Thank you - It has been a complete pleasure working with you Glenn.